Mariah & Rich


So happy you're here. It's an incredible honor to be welcomed into the lives of beautiful people as they celebrate love. I ardently believe that photographs reveal how truly rich reality is. Capturing love stories & getting to know the ones who give me this honor is a real joy for me, so thank you for your interest in our work. ♥︎ 

A little about me personally: I'm a momma / wife to two of the coolest guys I know. I’ve traveled all over the world & lived my adult years mainly between the Caribbean islands, New Orleans, NYC, and the midwest. I’m an admirer of unconventional beauty, a veggie gardener, cosmos marveler, motorcyclist, former train hopper, and nature-loving “wild child.”

My approach to shooting weddings & elopements is flexible, guided by the unique personalities and desires of the couples I work with. I can be a circus director or a fly on the wall, and find there's so much beauty in even the simplest of details. My hope is to nurture a feeling of ease on your wedding day and ultimately hand you a collection of photographs you will cherish forever.

Feel free to reach out if you want to connect more directly. I'm easy-going and always down to chat!

xoxo, mariah


This is Rich. Hands down one of the most interesting, well-traveled, and talented humans you'll ever meet. He despises talking about himself, so I (Mariah) will just have to boast about his coolness for him!

He is a fine art and editorial photographer with a love for creative experimentation. He uses both analogue and digital processes while leveraging best-in-class cameras and equipment to bring life to projects in 35mm, Medium Format, and 4K. He describes his focus as "creating imagery that is timeless in character and emotion, without sacrificing modern capabilities and quality." 

When we shoot together, Rich is the sleuth who misses nothing, and you barely know he's there. Whiskey connoisseur, sharp shooter, storyteller, and lionhearted adventurer. Believe me when I tell you, you'll want to sip a dwinky wif him.