Mariah & Rich

Hi Loves ~ So happy you're here. I'm Mariah, a Chicago-based wedding + elopement + portrait photographer, lover of love, who chose this work with my eyes and heart wide open. I'm also a momma & wife to two of the coolest guys I know. I've been toting a camera around for 20+ years now, and I ardently believe that photographs reveal how truly rich reality is.

A little background ~ I was raised in the midwest by an artist momma who loved photography and traveling. She was never bashful about wrangling people for photos or stopping the car to capture something that caught her eye. The rich collection of memories she so thoughtfully curated for my brothers and I is an invaluable treasure to me. I aim to follow suit, for my own family and yours.

My approach to shooting weddings & elopements is guided by the unique desires and personalities of the couples I work with. I can be a circus director or a fly on the wall, typically I oscillate between the two. My ultimate goal is to nurture a feeling of ease on your wedding day and to hand you a collection of photographs that you will cherish forever.

Feel free to reach out if you want to connect more directly. Always happy to chat!

This is Rich. Hands down one of the most interesting, well-traveled, and talented humans you'll ever meet. He despises talking about himself, so I (Mariah) will just have to boast about his badassery for him!

He is a fine art and editorial photographer with a love for creative experimentation. He uses both analogue and digital processes while leveraging best-in-class cameras and equipment to bring life to projects in 35mm, Medium Format, and 4K. He describes his focus as "creating imagery that is timeless in character and emotion, without sacrificing modern capabilities and quality." 

When we shoot together, Rich is the sleuth who misses nothing, and you barely know he's there. Whiskey connoisseur, sharp shooter, storyteller, and lionhearted adventurer. Believe me when I tell you, you'll want to sip a dwinky wif him.